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This page outlines the process of listing items for sale, and managing your listings during and after the sale. Our site features software that has many extra functions that will allow you to easily manage and promote your listings.

Listing Your First Item

You must be a registered member of the Once you are registered and have received your password, click the List Item Link found in the Selling Tools menu on every page.

Before you can list your first item, you will be prompted to enter a credit card for billing on a secure page. Your card will not be charged at this point. It will be stored securely with, not on the servers.

Invoices are sent on a monthly basis on the billing date of each member to each member that has a balance due. This is usually the date that a member registered. The fees on this invoice will be charged 7 days after you receive the invoice. During the 7 period members may choose in to pay with another payment method by logging in to their Account Page.

Listing Fees and Commissions

There is no per item fee for listing an item for auction or sale at

However, there is a quarterly fee, for unlimited listings. There are two options for the quarterly fee:

  • $75 for unlimited listings, invoiced the 1st of each quarter (prorated for your first quarter of listings), or
  • $100 for unlimited listings, plus a monthly newsletter submission featuring up to 6 of your wines offered for sale at the site.

If a listing is sold successfully a commission of between 3% and 5% of the selling price will be charged. The fee structure is as follows:

  • 5% on all sales of $150 or less per bottle
  • 3% on sales over $150 per bottle

There is a minimum commission of $1.00 on any successful sale.

NOTE: It is requested that all correspondence with buyers be completed through the site. If you sell wine or liquor either directly through the site, or indirectly as a result of correspondence with a buyer found through the site, you are expected to pay the above commission. If for any reason the sale is completed outside of the site please call Michael at 847-425-2207 to arrange for payment of any commissions due. If it is determined that you have contacted a buyer outside of the site, in an effort to complete the sale without paying the above commission, you will be banned as a seller, premanently.

Featured Listings

When listing your items you may opt to Feature the listing on either the Category Page or the Home Page of If you choose to Feature your listing on the Category Page, the fee is $.50. The fee for featuring a listing on the Home Page is $1.00. When you choose to Feature your wine on the Home Page it is not necesary to also Feature your listing on the Category Page. Please note, these are add on fees and are not refundable if your listing does not sell.

Reserve Fee

$1.00 - You can place a reserve on your item, to assure that it does not sell unless it reaches the reserve price. If your listing does not sell there will be no commission charge but the Reserve Fee of $1.00 will still apply.

Listing an Item:

Items are listed in your members area through the List Item form.

Each auction item contains the following information:


    Choose one category from the drop down list in the List Item form, or provide the category number in your upload file. If you would like an additional item you may request it from the admin.


    Accurately describe your item with a title that can be up to 120 characters long. Good titles will attract attention and help to SELL your item!


    One or more bottles may be sold at the same time. Please note; if you are selling more than 1 bottle as individual purchases, not as a lot, that is a Dutch Auction. In a Dutch Auction the bottles must be the exact same item. If you are selling multiple bottles as a "lot" (e.g. a vertical of several years). You should note that in your description and your opening bid should be for the entire lot together, not per bottle.

      NOTE: Selling in a Dutch Auction is DIFFERENT; Please READ the following CAREFULLY: A Dutch Auction, as described above, is an offering of multiples of the exact same item and is treated quite differently than a standard auction bid. In a standard auction if the Opening Bid required is $50 and a person bids $100, their bid starts at $50 and increases as necessary to keep them as the high bidder up to their maximum bid of $100. In a Dutch Auction, since there are multiple bottles, their bid of $100 is not a maximum bid it is their immediate bid for each bottle, regardless of what you, the Seller, has listed as the Opening Bid. As such, in a Dutch Auction, what the Bidder thinks is their max bid is actually their immediate bid and what they will pay if they win the auction. Please understand that recognizes that Bidders may be confused by this concept and protects the Bidder when this happens. Therefore, as a Seller, please only use Dutch Auctions if you agree to VOID a Dutch Auction bid if the Bidder requests.


    Your description is most important to describing your item and answering potential questions for the buyer. HTML is acceptable.


    You may upload as many images as you need with the List Item form or link to an image on another website by providing the complete URL to the image. When linking make sure to use a complete URL beginning with https://. If you aren't sure of your image URL, copy what you have typed into a new browser window and see if your image appears. If it doesn't, check your path and file name as they are case sensitive in most cases.

    Starting Bid:

    The Starting Bid will start the bidding on an auction. The item will be considered sold if a bid is received for this amount and no reserve bid is set.

    This is optional and left blank for Non Reserve or Regular auctions. Bids will be accepted at the Starting Bid, however the Reserve amount must be reached to consider the listing sold. There is $1.00 fee for using the Reserve feature. That fee is due whether or not your item sells.

    Buy Price:

    Not available with Yankee Auctions. This amount must be at or higher than the Starting Bid. If a bid reaches this amount it will end the auction immediately and the item will be considered sold.

    Shipping and Payment Terms:

    Boxes are provided for you to enter your Shipping and Payment Terms. HTML is accepted here. You may also set defaults for this form in the Settings and Messages sections of the Seller Tools menu.

    Ending Time:

    You may select a day and time your auction will end from the drop down box on the List Item form.


    You may increase the exposure of your auction item by featuring the listing. Additional fees will apply as stated above.

    Saving and Starting Auctions:

    As soon as you complete Step 1 of the listing process your listing can be found in the Pending area of the My Listings section of the Members Area. Pending listings are available for 14 days.

    Once you have completed the listing form you may start your listing immediately, or start the auction later from the Pending Auctions link in the My Listings Menu.

When Your Auction Ends:

When your listing has ended notices are sent out to winning bidders immediately. When all of your auctions have ended, or your buyer has completed their buying, you can send a combined invoice through the Checkout system. To do this, follow the link provided in the Sold Item email, or use the Sales Tracker in your members area.

Sales Tracker/Invoice Area

Any listings that are sold and not invoiced can be found in the Sales Tracker. In this area you can see which sales need to be invoiced. Once an invoice has been sent you can access invoices for sending notices and leaving feedback in the Invoices for Sales section.


Listings may be relisted once it is over and notices have been sent. From the My Listings menu choose one of the Closed Auctions links. You may view your sold and unsold auctions here, and relist in groups or individually.

Seller Tools:

The Seller Tools section of the Members Area contains additional tools to help you mamage your listings.

  • Add a PayPal Email Address to accept PayPal payments automatically.
  • Add information about what you do and who you are for inclusion on your Members Page.
  • Block Members from bidding on or purchasing your items.
  • Advanced users may upload listings in bulk by spreadsheet.

Cellar Bid welcomes Wine Brokers:

Cellar Bid welcomes Wine Brokers to sell their wines at this site. Since Wine Brokers often represent other parties, it is recognized that the wine listed for auction may not be available at the completion of the auction. This accommodation cannot be used as a selling tactic or a "bait & switch" tactic by a Wine Broker. Therefore, Cellar Bid requires that Wine Brokers list their wines with an Opening Bid price that you as Broker finds acceptable, as a fair selling price, if the auction closes at the Opening Bid. If Cellar Bid determines that a Wine Broker is using this accommodation as a selling tactic or a "bait & switch" tactic, your rights to sell wine at the site will be rescinded and your account cancelled.

Sellers Beware: was created for the sole purpose of providing a forum for Buyers & Sellers of wine to come together. Although will do everything possible to provide a quality forum, free of dishonest Buyers, cannot speak to the honesty of any Buyer, or guarantee any purchase they make. While will attempt to assist if requested, it is up to the Seller to determine the course of action if the Buyer, does not complete their purchase, is unsatisfied with a specific purchase, or makes a claim for a refund.

Hold Harmless:

By using this site, you as Seller recognize that any potential transaction between you and a Buyer is the sole responsibility of Seller and Buyer to complete the transaction and you agree to hereby hold harmless for any damages you may suffer, financial or otherwise, from the use of this auction site.

For more information on using, please consult the following guides.

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