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Following is the fee structure for listing and selling wines at The If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Listing Fee

There is NO fee for listing an item for auction at

Seller's Commission

If a listing is sold successfully a commission of 3% will be charged to the seller.

The minimum fee for a successful sale is $1.00.

Buyer's Commission

There is no fee paid by the buyer for winning an auction at

Featured Listings

There are two ways to feature your listing:

1) You can feature the listing on both the Home page of and on of the specific Category List page, or;

2) You can choose to feature the listing only on the Category List page.

The fee for Featuring on both the Home page and the Category List page is $1.00

The fee for Featuring only on the Category List page is $.50

Please note, only 20 wines at a time are featured on the home page, therefore, the featured wines change each time the home page is loaded.

Image Upload Fee

Images can be added to the listing for free.

Reserve Fee

$1.00 - You can place a reserve on your item, to assure that it does not sell unless it reaches the reserve price.

If your listing does not sell there will be no commission charge but the Reserve Fee of $1.00 will still apply.

For more information on using, please consult the following guides.

Buyers Guide
Sellers Guide