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Q What is Cellar Bid?
A Cellar Bid can be found at and is an open forum auction, specifically for the buying and selling of wine. We wanted to create a place where wine enthusiasts come together to buy and sell wine, and be comfortable buying from sellers that they have come to know and trust.

Q How much does it cost to join Cellar Bid?
A Membership is FREE. There is no cost to join, no cost to list wines at, and no buyer's fee if you purchase wine.

Q How come the auction isn't over at the specified time?
A Cellar Bid is using "Dynamic" auctions. This means that the bidding stops after the bidding deadline and where no bids have been received after 5 minutes. This emulates a typical Live Auction room setting. If someone makes a last minute bid, 5 additional minutes are added to the auction end time.

Q I'm selling a bottle of wine and I just won plane tickets to Paris for a month. Can I end an Auction early?
A Yes, you can end your Auction at any time. If you have a bidder, you will have to sell the bidder the bottle of wine at the current price.

Q What's a "BuyIt!" item?
A The Seller is offering to sell the wine at a given price, without having to go through the auction process. If you elect to buy the wine at the "BuyIt" price, the auction ends immediately, and you are the winner of the auction.

Q I have 12 bottles of a wine, but I don't want to do a "Yankee" Auction, I want to sell all 12 bottles to 1 buyer.
A Make the Quantity "1", but in your description put "12 Bottles." It can be 12 bottles of the same wine, a combination of different wines or even a vertical listing. You should be as descriptive as possible so that the Bidder knows exactly what they are bidding on.

Q How do I find out if the wine has been properly stored?
A If you want to know anything about the wine, you can ask the seller a question. Pull up the auction item, and on the right-hand side, in the "Seller Information" box, you will see a link labeled "Ask a Question". If you click on that link you will be taken to another screen where you can send the Seller a question.

Q If a Seller does not deliver a paid for item or the item is unfit, will CellarBid assist me in getting my money back?
A Please read the Buyer's Guide carefully and completely, especially the Caveat Emptor section. Any and all sales are 100% between the Buyer and Seller and CellarBid has no ability to assist if you are unhappy with your purchase. If you want to know something about a Seller, please call Michael at 847-452-2207, PRIOR to placing your bid or completing a purchase. By using the site, you agree to hold Michael Weiner and harmless if anything goes wrong with your purchase.

Q What if I have another question?
A Simply e-mail with your question. We will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.

For more information on using, please consult the following guides.

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