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I have been a wine enthusiast for many years. I have visited over 120 different wineries, and have had the pleasure of drinking some of the finest wines in the world. I have been buying wines at auctions for years, and have found that most of the wine auction sites are more about the site than about the visitors. I wanted to develop a website where buyers could meet sellers and choose to exchange their wines at a price that they both found agreeable. A website where the seller did not have to part with their wine before they had a buyer, and where the buyer did not have to pay a large auction fee to acquire the wine. Enter ... Cellar Bid.

The great part about buying wine at auction is that you can find wines that may no longer be available in your marketplace. In addition, you may find a wine that is a real value. I know that one of my greatest pleasures in wine buying is when I get an excellent wine at a price well below what I thought it would be, or when I find a wine that is undiscovered and therefore priced well below other wines of the same quality ... a real value!!! Those types of buys happen all the time at an auction site. Therefore, visit often ... and watch for the opportunities. They will be there often ... you just have to be there at the same time.

It is important to note that welcomes Wine Brokers to sell their wines at our site. Since wine brokers use several outlets to sell their wines, it is possible that the wine may no longer be available. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm availability after the completion of the auction. CellarBid requires that the wines be listed with an opening bid price that the Broker finds acceptable as a fair selling price. That assures a bidder that the wine will be delivered if available, regardless of the selling price.

It is even more important to note that cannot and does not provide any buyer protection for sales completed with a seller. does whatever it can to keep disreputable sellers off of the site, but too often we don't hear about it until an unsuspecting buyer gets taken in. If you are concerned about a seller, or want to know about the seller's history at the site, please feel free to call me PRIOR to completing your purchase. You are welcome to reach me on my cell phone; 847-452-2207.


Michael Weiner
Cellar Bid

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